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The Embracer of Illusions
United States
i am ϯωәɳϯӌ. (ɑϼɾɩℓ 24)
i am a ɕɩɾℓ.
i am ϛɩɳɕℓә and ɓɩϛәϰʊɑℓ.
i am a ɕɾɑʄɩȼϛ ɑɾϯ ϛϯʊδәɳϯ.
i am very ҕʊɕɕɑɓℓә and ʊɳδәɾϛϯɑɳδɩɳɕ.
i will always be there for my ʄɾɩәɳδϛ.

i like: ɱʊϛɩȼ

i dislike: ϼәѻϼℓә ωҕѻ ϯɾәɑϯ ɱӌ ʄɾɩәɳδϛ ℓɩӄә ȼɾɑϼ
ɱӌ δɩɀɀӌ ϛϼәℓℓϛ
ɱӌ δɑδ && ɓɾѻϯҕәɾ

don't get on my ɓɑδ side.

Current Residence: Neverwas.
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Wallpaper of choice: .
Personal Quote: Never give up!
ღ ʼ'Ⱦσsӈɩ ღ ❝ never ever GiiVE up !! ❞

`•.¸¸.••´´¯``•• .¸¸.•´

Ϛσηʛ σɟ ϯӈə δɑӌ • Trying to Survive - Aysa


Since my last entry, I haven't posted hardly any art. I really want to, it's just a matter of time. . . . I'm not going through an art block or anything, I'm just kind of lazy, I'd have to admit. Seeing as I'm out of school and stuff, I have no excuses. Oh well~ I'll start up again soon enough.

Nothing really hasn't been going on with life though. I finished my first year of college, I'm getting a CT scan this coming Tuesday, and by next Saturday, I'll be on a plane going to my real home, Texas. Yeah, I consider it where my real home is. There's so many memories there, and I've spent my entire life there. I kind of wanted to celebrate my big 2-0 up there, but sadly school conflicted with that. My going down there is a gift in itself though. My dad bought the tickets, and I'll be there to celebrate his and Kit-Kat's birthday. If only I came a day sooner though, for her party or whatever. Oh wells.

On other news, I've gotten into roleplaying again. Real bad.I'm not like I used to be with small little posts or anything either. Haha I'm more towards the Adv. Lit. side. I've always loved writing, so this has been a real treat. I've made a ton of new friends who're into it too, so it all works out in the end. Though I can't deny it when I say I miss my old group and friends. They're a start of what made me into it in the first place haha!

`•.¸¸.••´´¯``•• .¸¸.•´

↛ None currently.


↛ Zexion cosplay.
↛ Kagura ( Ga-Rei ) cosplay.

`•.¸¸.••´´¯``•• .¸¸.•´

Ⱦӈɩηʛs Ῐ Яəȼσɱɱəηδ__★
↛ Games
  ↝ Kingdom Hearts: CoM Revisited
  ↝ Perfect World International
  ↝ Okami

↛ Books
  ↝ The Looking Glass Wars
  ↝ Anita Blake Series
  ↝ Princess Merideth Series

↛ Movies
  ↝ Shutter ( Original Version, not the lame American one. )
  ↝ A Tale of Two Sisters

↛ Anime
  ↝ Ga-rei
  ↝ Spiral
  ↝ Fruits Basket
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Listening to: One (Test of Time Remix) - DJ JS7
  • Reading: Seeing Red
  • Watching: House - Ga-rei
  • Playing: Pokemon: Platnium

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